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See the German associations like GSH, HBG, ISG with Concept and Optima, Sanitär-Union as well as Hagro with Nordwest and Nürnberger Bund, centralized payment association E/D/E, EHH, Wupperring, mah and VGH, IGH as well as the companies GC and GUT, Richter + Frenzel, Reisser, Pfeiffer & May as well as further locations of Buderus and Viessmann.

In Austria and Sitzerland you find several well-known brands coming in from the German market, partnering with local heroes, but of course also international players like Saint Gobain, Frauenthal, CRH and HTG.

All heating and plumbing wholesalers and their branches shown by association on a zip code map H 140 by W 100 cm, bi-lingual English and German, laminated and rewritable. Perfect for any office wall in any sales or marketing department. Or for the quick information in any export meeting room. Information as of 2020.

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